Empire V by Victor Pelevin

Chris Douglas, a member of our talented new team, reviews Empire V by Victor Pelevin.

IMG_0008Chris Douglas is a storyteller, word weaver, and new book reviewer for The Bandwagon. He enjoys writing, from novels to scripts, as a way to understand why “they did that” – secretly he’s just nosy. He is often found with a notepad and the biggest mug, or wine glass, he can find – not just your stereotypical drunk. Always looking to solve a crime before the end of your story (Crime/Thriller), he sometimes likes to travel to distant worlds and become magical (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), even though he has a lot of growing up to do (Young Adult/Coming of Age). He, mostly, enjoys anything with a bit of drama. You can follow his journey on Twitter: @_ChrisDotMe

Forget everything you’ve been told about vampires – it’s an elaborate ruse, and you’re about to discover the truth. Empire V isn’t your typical vampire novel; it throws those traditional myths completely out of the window. All you need to do is step away from the crowd, and follow those arrows painted on the street.

Roman has his world, literally, turned upside-down as he hangs, feet strapped, to some parallel bars. Follow him as he becomes Rama, through his degustation of masterclasses in what it is to be a vampire and finds the truth about humanity.empire v

Pelevin marvellously blends his characters with his ideology on society; from cults to politics and even banking, he dissects them exposing their corruption in such a way that will have you opening your mind and questioning what is really going on.

From the outset, you’ll be fixated, and wishing you could join the other vampires to shape society – and you won’t even have to wait until the summer solstice.

Empire V is published by Gollancz this month. To grab your own copy, click here. To find out more about the author, visit his website.

Further reading
I recommend checking out some of Pelevin’s other work, such as S.N.U.F.F and Omon Ra.


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