Hunt for the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

Jjosh cooperosh Cooper, a member of our reviewing team, reviews Hunt for the Enemy by Rob Sinclair.

Rob Sinclair has done what many fail to do, breathe life into character that feels very real. The Enemy Trilogy is a captivating read; a roller coaster ride that you never want to end. You find yourself holding your breath with the characters, hoping for the best. The twists and turns keep coming til the very end, and have you begging for the next chapter, all the while sitting on the very edge of your seat.
Carl Logan, a JIA agent, has a very lifelike quality based in reality. By the time we see him in this novel, he is on the run from the very people he trusted the most. They’ve erased his identity and framed him for a terrible murder. Branded as a rogue agent by the JIA, and hunted by many, he has to stay one step ahead.

This thrilling conclusion to one of the best written espionage thrillers in recent years will leave you craving more. Rob Sinclair has done it again, and should definitely be on your radar.
To buy Hunt for the Enemy, and the previous two books in the series, click here. To find out more about Rob Sinclair, visit his website.


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