Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson

Chris Douglas, a member of our talented new team, reviews Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson.

Chris Douglas is a storyteller, word weaver, and new book reviewer for The Bandwagon. He enjoys writing, from novels to scripts, as a way to understand why “they did that” – secretly he’s just nosy. He is often found with a notepad and the biggest mug, or wine glass, he can find – not just your stereotypical drunk. Always looking to solve a crime before the end of your story (Crime/Thriller), he sometimes likes to travel to distant worlds and become magical (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), even though he has a lot of growing up to do (Young Adult/Coming of Age). He, mostly, enjoys anything with a bit of drama. You can follow his journey on Twitter: @_ChrisDotMe

nightblindbookAnd we’re back, following on from Snowblind, the next book in the Dark Iceland series is Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson, which was released this month. 

Secrets. You’d be surprised how many you can find outside of an abandoned house. Ari Thór will have to use his now seasoned, investigative brain, and a little help from a friend, to solve this one. Looked over for a promotion, Ari Thór finds himself standing over the body of Siglufjördur’s new police inspector, Herjólfur.

Five years have passed since the events of Snowblind. Ari Thór has shed his claustrophobic feelings for this small town, and is almost rid of his out-of-towner label. Living with Kristen and their ten-month-old child, he finds himself on the lucky end of the flu. Or that shotgun wound could have been to his chest.

Along with a familiar character, Tomas, Ari Thór investigates the attempted murder of a police inspector that has Iceland gripped. Jónasson pulls us in for more with every new development and suspect. With each character comes their own secrets – on the run, a secret flame, drugs, and, possibly, political scandal. Intertwined with the ramblings of a psychiatric patient, Nightblind is a story that will skew your mind, making you question how everything fits.

Jónasson once again takes on modern day issues, with gun control, drugs, and domestic violence taking centre stage. He gets us asking whether we truly know the people we surround ourselves with, and how far we’re willing to turn a blind eye to keep the status quo.

With the secrets deeper and darker, we are gripped to an investigation with a surprising outcome. Ari Thór may have come clean about his shortcomings, but as Siglufjördur grows, so do the secrets of its residents.

Jónasson continues to create his characters in every dimension. Not shying away from the light and dark, the good and evil in all of us. This is a lesson Ari Thór learns the hard way – his drive to be good is put into question when fast answers are dangled in front of his face, only to discover that either option has consequences.

And we’re brought back to that question: Can we really know the people who populate our lives?

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To buy Nightblind, click here, or visit Ragnar’s website to find out more. Follow #Nightblind for updates on Ragnar’s blog tour.

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