A Few Good Reviewers

Do you love books? Ever wanted to become a book reviewer? The Bandwagon is expanding, and I’m looking for a few good reviewers to join the team.


I’m currently inundated with review requests, author interviews and other features, and so I need to expand the blog to include guest book reviewers.

What do I get in return? you say. Well, all your reviews are credited to you, and you’re free to post them to your own blog/website too. Each review will also include a short author bio, and all your relevant links, including social media. There’ll be scheduled promotional posts on Twitter & Facebook, and you’ll also get your own category on the landing page, meaning people can navigate to your posts easily.

You also, of course, get a free copy of the book you’re reviewing, and I’ll do my best to liaise between you and the author if you want to do more, such as an author interview or promotional post.

This is an unpaid gig I’m afraid, but, and I hate to say it, it is great experience. And if you love books, and want to experience new reading material, this can be a brilliant way of broadening your literary horizons.

Interested? Get in touch! You can email me at vpatis@hotmail.co.uk, find me on Twitter, @VikkiPatis, or drop a comment below.


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