Book Review: Where Freedom Rings by Steven Donahue

The author kindly sent me a copy of his book for review.

Where Freedom Rings features the Colvers, a family of slaves living on a plantation. Although a life of bondage is brutally hard to say the least, Wade and Kelsa are terrified of trying to escape, knowing all too well the dangers and repercussions they’d face if caught. But one night, Kelsa meets another slave from a nearby plantation, and her journey towards the Underground Railroad, and freedom, begins.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that this book is a brilliant read. Donahue manages to bring the variety of characters to life, mixing historical fact with beautifully written fiction, and creating an immersive story. There are also mysteries to uncover, and the prose keeps the reader continuously guessing and wanting more.

The subject is a tough one to read, but it is of course something we should all educate ourselves on. I personally adore historical fiction of this calibre because it helps me try to understand how things were – from Victorian London to the French Revolution to the American Civil War – and to really hear the stories and lessons that history has to teach us.

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