Guest Blog: Sharon Tregenza Jumps on the Cornish Reading Challenge Bandwagon

Sharon Tregenza, author of The Shiver Stone, jumps on the Bandwagon to share her Cornish Reading Challenge choices.


I accepted the “Cornish Reading Challenge” (to read a book either set in Cornwall or written by a Cornish author in the five days between 5th March and 9th May). I made things harder for myself by choosing two. What a pleasure it was to embroil myself in these outstanding novels.

Eden by Joanna Nadin (Walker Books 2014)

eden“Eden” is set in Cornwall in the late 1980’s and is a captivating story of jealousy, secrets and revenge.

When her brilliant cousin, Bea, is burned to death Evie returns to Eden, her childhood home, determined to expose the truth surrounding the fire.

The house “Eden” plays an important role in this YA novel and is the bedrock of the mystery. Its granite presence glowers through the pages casting shadows and adding power to the narrative.

Nadin’s lyrical prose is a joy. She creates a wonderful sense of the Cornish landscape with it’s rhythm of the sea while her strong storyline and cast of interesting characters ensures a truly gripping read.

“Eden” is a book of great strength and tender nuance – I loved it.

Summer’s Shadow by Anna Wilson (Macmillan Children’s Books – 2014)

summers shadowWhen Summer’s mother dies – her life changes forever. The heartbroken girl must move from London to Cornwall – a place she doesn’t know – to the care of a relative she’s never heard of. Hostility and indifference await her in the gloomy old house and secrets from the past soon emerge.

How Summer overcomes her grief with the help a local boy, a mysterious cat and a secret cove forms the basis of this engaging story.

Wilson’s love of Cornwall in all its shades of light and dark is evident throughout and forms a strong backdrop to a haunting tale. The finely drawn characterisation and mysterious events will keep you page turning right to the end.

“Summer’s Shadow” is an exceptional read and not just for YA.

What are you reading for the Cornish Reading Challenge?#CornishReadingChallenge | @VikkiPatis | @lovereadinguk | @TripFiction

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