Guest Blog: Jim Webster Jumps on The Bandwagon

It is my pleasure to welcome the fantastic author Jim Webster to The Bandwagon.
Jim joins us to talk about his new book, War 2.2.

Copy of Jim compressed


I’m Jim Webster. Still fifty something (just), still married to the same lady for thirty years and still with three daughters. I live and farm just south of Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, which is almost Little Cornwall beyond England. In the late 19th century so many Cornish miners came up with their families that villages were built to recieve them, and Roose even had a small church, St Perran’s, built specially. Barrow in Furness itself is inhabited almost entirely by migrants, in 1830 the population was 60, in 1845 it was apparently 30,000, so the Cornish hardly stood out. Known as ‘Brother Jacks’ they linger on in the surnames they’ve left: Mawson,Trescothick, Trelawny…

Whether there’s any Cornish words that have hung on in Barrow dialect I wouldn’t know, it would probably take a Cornish speaker to spot them.


TS2 War 2-2An action packed investigation, from Delta mud to the palaces of Merchant princes, Haldar is back in War 2.2

Haldar Drom is starting to worry. The long running insurgency in the Zala Delta suddenly starts to spiral further out of control. Who is arming theinsurgents? How and why? Then a leading local politician who is using his influence to try and keep things calm is threatened with assassination. It’s obvious that things are moving to a climax.

All Haldar has immediately available is a third year university student who gets given a dissertation project she’ll never forget; young journalist who he convinces to investigate the situation of the ground; and a retired marine librarian whose job is to keep the politician alive. As the investigation proceeds, from the mud of the Delta to the luxurious surroundings of the Drake Islands, Haldar comes to realise that he may be facing Wayland Strang’s counter-attack. Faced with a coup d’état spearheaded by off-world mercenaries Haldar has to react quickly to stop a major war.

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Fancy a short excerpt from the novel? Of course you do. Read on!

WAR 2.2

Willon sat in the front seat of the Kaunas City/Constance shuttle. On the seat next to him, securely belted in, was an armored camera case. It held his main camera, sound equipment and satellite relay. At his feet was a bag holding a miscellany of clothes. As the shuttle took off Willon allowed himself to slouch back into his seat and relax. The past few hours had been fraught.

Bertrice had insisted Haldar had taken him to see her to discuss details of travel, subsistence and suchlike. It had not been a meeting of minds.

Willon had asked in all innocence, “So how should I travel and to what particular destination.”

“There’s a military flight to Constance carrying military stores and suchlike. You can hitch a lift on that tomorrow,” Haldar had replied.

“Haldar, are you out of your mind.” Bertrice sounded aghast. “Perhaps you’d like him to wear combat fatigues and an armband with ‘Governor’s Investigation Office’ written on it? There’s a perfectly good special flight, goes from Kaunas City to the Drake Islands but calls in at Constance. He can travel on that and he might get to meet some useful people.”

“Have you seen the price of a ticket on the special? It would be cheaper for me to move a heavy armor company than send him on that.”

Willon interrupted. “Do the Marines have a heavy armor company?”

“No, of course not; can you imagine what the media would make of the governor deploying heavy armor? On the other hand the Marines do have a heavy mechanized reconnaissance battalion which contains a lot of heavy armor. But that’s an irrelevant detail; I’m trying to get you to Constance without having to ask the Governor to extend his overdraft limit.”

“What about the shuttle?” Willon asked.

“Unthinkable” said Bertrice.”It would send out entirely the wrong signals.”

“It’s still too expensive,” Haldar said, dismissively.

As they continued to bicker Willon drifted out of the room. Sitting at her desk in the anteroom was a young woman who watched him gravely as he walked across to her.

“Are you Mistress Bonart’s PA?” Willon asked.

“Yes. Can I help you?”

“Could you just book me onto the next Constance shuttle please?”

She smiled at him as she picked up the phone. “When dealing with Mistress Bonart I’ve generally found that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

To read Jim’s “Ask the Author” interview with me, click here.


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