Fifty Shades of Abuse

If you were thinking of seeing Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema, read this blog by The Rambling Curl, and think again.

I’ve largely kept out of the Fifty Shades debate. I haven’t read the books, I haven’t seen the film, and I have absolutely no desire to do so. I’ve heard enough about it to know it would be an incredibly bad idea, and I wanted to add my voice to those campaigning against the series. I won’t be delving into my personal reasons for not reading the books or watching the recent adaptation, but I have every respect for those who have done so, like the brave blogger linked above, in order to draw attention to the true nature of this series.

Welcome to rape culture. Welcome to sexism. Welcome to a world where abusive people such as Christian Grey are considered grey characters at best, and hailed as heroes at worst. Is this the kind of man we want young women falling in love with? Is this the kind of relationship women should aspire to find? No. Everyone has the right to a happy, consensual relationship, in which they feel safe to explore their sexuality (and other aspects of their personality), free from abuse and manipulation. This is not a campaign against BDSM or sex; it is a campaign to raise awareness of abusive relationships, to inform men and women alike of the red flags, and to promote healthy relationships and interactions.

Read the blog by The Rambling Curl, who deserves a medal for reading through the books and researching the points so thoroughly, and who puts the argument forward much better than I ever could. Abuse is no grey area.

To support women and men affected by domestic abuse, download No Shades of Grey, a brilliant six word story.


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