Ask the Author: Meaghan Fisher

Children’s author Meaghan Fisher spoke to me about her beautiful books, and her writing process.

Meaghan Fisher is a children’s author, who lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. She has over ten years experience working with children, and holds a BS in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s Studies.

Tyler is a young bass who lives in Lake Erie and loves playing and exploring with his friends. One day, a game of Fish Tag takes him and his friend Jimmy into some unfamiliar waters. They’re a long way from home, and even worse, the water is brown! When Tyler and Jimmy find out what’s wrong with the water, they need to come up with a plan to save it… before the lake where they live is poisoned!

Fisher’s books are incredibly well-thought-out, beautifully crafted, and full of valuable lessons. Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie carries important environmental themes, designed to teach children lessons they will remember throughout their lives.

I wanted to know what inspired Fisher to become an author, and to write such wonderful children’s books.

Fisher describes her sixth grade English teacher, Mrs Linda Gallagher, as her inspiration for becoming an author.

I would write poetry and journal in her class and one day she read one of my poems about Ohio, where we lived, and she told me that if I worked hard enough, that one day I would be published because I had a true talent. I never really thought much about it because I was a child, but I loved writing and I kept it up. In college I wrote a lot of poetry and was published many times and won contests but didn’t ever plan to pursue poetry, I just liked to write because it was my passion.

Not only did Mrs Gallagher inspire Fisher as a child, but she also supported and encouraged her once she’d finished university and was back home looking for a job.

As a former nanny, substitute teacher, and babysitter for her younger brother, Fisher has always been inspired to write stories for children.

I love children, and love creating stories they can learn and grow from. All my stories have educational tools in them because I have been teaching since I was ten years old, due to my little brother, and each story has a moral lesson. My stories are written in a traditional tone that you don’t find often in this day and age, such as Runaway Bunny and Dr. Seuss’s Are You My Mother. Those are the tones I really love. I love to inspire children through my stories to read and to write. I also hope they learn that reading can be fun!


Always keep reading and writing, is Fisher’s advice to aspiring writers.

Read anything you can get your hands on, and get involved with a good writer’s group that supports the goals you set for yourself. Find people who will read your work and give you a lot of good criticism, and learn from what they say.

She also recommends having a good editor you can learn from, as well as a good, caring publish company, that will treat you well and make sure to surround yourself with a loving group of supporters to help your launch your book.

Being a published author is hard work, and Fisher wishes she’d known exactly how much work would be involved.

People ask me all the time, how do you get this, or find that? And this is what I say to them: I am married to my job. My kids and family come first, but this is my job and it’s my career. I work every day, 24 hours a day it seems, but I work hard to get my name out there. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, but if you want to be successful you need to never give up. Work, work, work, every day, no matter what.

Fisher is currently on a book tour that was supposed to be two years, but she is now booked until 2016.

I have been touring for a year now and it’s been amazing! This coming November I have a lot happening! I am a featured guest at the biggest children’s book festival in the U.S. on November 14-15 in Savannah, Georgia, and I am also doing a school book tour along the way from South Carolina ending in Miami Beach, Florida.

She will also be reading at 30-45 schools, and is part of the Miami Beach International Book Festival, the biggest book festival in the U.S.

I have also won two big book awards from the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Contest and I will be receiving both of my awards at their ceremony on Nov 21-22 in Miami Beach. Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie won Silver and Mousekabitz won Bronze in the contest. Then I come back home to attend some charity events as a featured guest and do some holiday events before Christmas.

Due to being so busy, Fisher rarely has time to read:

With how busy I am and two kids, I don’t have any spare time to read anymore. I wish I did, I miss it! However, when I did read, my favorite books were by Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

Her next children’s book, The Strawberry Festival, will be released next June. Fisher was asked to write it by the city of Troy, Ohio, due to all of her success as a writer.

The Strawberry Festival takes place every June, and is a huge festival in our state. I am a featured guest of the festival and I’m thrilled to have been asked to write this book. I can’t wait to show it to my fans. Also coming soon is Owly, a children’s book about a baby owl who is learning to fly.

Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie, and Fisher’s other books, can be found on Amazon. You can watch the book trailer for Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie  here, Sadie the Skunk  here, and I Love Ladybugs  here.

If you want to know more about Fisher and her wonderful books, visit her website. If you want to catch her on her tours, check hersocial media pages for updates.


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