Ask the Author: Jim Webster

Husband, father, freelance writer, consultant and farmer, Jim Webster is a man of many talents. His latest novel, Justice 4.1, is book one of The Tsarina Sector, and was released early this year. 

Justice 4.1 follows intergalactic investigator Haldar Drom as he cleans up criminal scum. Webster brings us brilliant, imaginative science fiction, with incredibly well-written characters, and a fast-paced storyline. His earlier fantasy novels are equally amazing.Swords for a Dead Lady is described as entertaining, engrossing, and highly original fantasy fiction.

After working as a freelance journalist for thirty years, and trying to make a living off a small farm, Webster admits that he needed a way to earn more money. But he describes his venture into writing books in a very interesting way:

I’ve always had this nagging feeling I ought to do something that wasn’t just ‘decorating fish-and-chips wrapping paper’ and a few years ago a mate of mine who is a successful author convinced me I should try.

His ideas come from all over the place, with the details often coming from half remembered stories I heard years ago, or the antics of friends.

But the core plot is something that I have to hammer out for myself. I’ll spend a lot of time thinking things through, finding good reasons why a character will do this rather than that.

His advice to aspiring writers is to remain grounded.

Don’t be precious and think you’re creating great art. Writing is a craft and like any craft the more you do, the better you get. To become a good writer, write. Then write more. Once you’ve mastered the craft, then you might find that you’ve inadvertently created great art, but until you’ve mastered the craft, you won’t.

And get an editor.

Ironically I’ve always told people that you cannot edit your own writing. But I do wish I’d realised that this held true for me as well.


Webster is currently working on the next book in the Tsarina Sector series, which is supposed to be released later this year.

I’m working on the next one set in that background, but I’ve other plans I’m also working on but I’m keeping them close to my chest at the moment.

While on holiday, he finished reading the K’Barthan Trilogy by MT Mcguire, which he describes as a good read and an excellent story. The first book in the series is currently free on Kindle.

I also picked up James Blish, ‘Cities in Flight’ in a Lincoln charity shop for 99p and that’s what I’m reading now, having not read them for nearly forty years.

At the time of the interview, Webster was starting to put together a book tour.

If there is anybody out there who wants me to drop in on their blog when I’m on tour, please contact me.

If you want to know more about Webster and his novels, check out his blog or his Amazon page. The Tsarina Sector also has its own Facebook page.


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