Lovereading Writing Challenge: Deadline

Lovereading set up a writing challenge on ReadWave, which required you to write a 150 word story with the words “if you love books and reading” hidden inside it. Since my articles are featured on both sites, I had to get involved. Here’s my attempt.


Roxy tapped her pen against the desk, unaware of the ink flecking the paper scattered around her. ‘If only I could write this story!’ she thought, her face screwed up in a frown.

A knock came at the door. She smoothed her face into a smile. ‘You have 5 hours left, Roxy!’ her boss barked through the doorway, before disappearing again.

‘Ugh! I do love his attitude!’ She sighed, turning back to her work. But her attention was caught by the books lining her walls. Instead of putting pen to paper, she continued to stare dreamily at her bookcase, full of adventures. ‘I know what I’d rather be doing with my time,’ she thought, and, putting down her pen, she grabbed a novel from the shelf, and curled up in her chair.

Her deadline could wait. She was reading, and nothing else mattered.


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