Petey the Platypus

The river is no easy place to swim for a platypus – only the best can avoid the relentless tide of obstacles that flow down it. Move PETEY up and down to avoid the dangers of the river – logs, barrels, chum buckets and… sharks?! Can you survive for more than one season?

You all will be used to me putting up endless blog posts about authors and books, but today it’s something a little different. Petey the Platypus is a game, created by PTM Games LTD, currently available on Android. I have it on good authority that it’ll be made available for Apple and Windows devices very soon. How do you have it on good authority, I hear you say? Well, one of the developers is my boyfriend.

petey the platypus

For starters, I’m definitely a book “nerd”. Gaming is not for me. But – the aforementioned boyfriend aside – I just can’t get enough of this little guy. I mean, look at that little face. How cute is he? I’ll dive into the reasons why I love him so much shortly, but first, the logistics.

This game is defined as an “endless runner” game. tells me that this is because

Non-stop running games are defined by two things: The player-controller avatar cannot stop its forward momentum, and it has feet.

Well, Petey definitely has feet, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot go backwards. So, I learnt something today. Petey is an endless runner. Or swimmer.

The aim of the game is to bob merrily down the river, avoiding the obstacles in your way. Sounds simple enough, but I have been stuck on 840 for the past 24 hours, and I’ve even neglected my book – shock horror! – to attempt to move past it. It is not easy. It’s so frustratingly addictive that I’ve been this close to launching my phone across the room.

petey 2

The further down the river you get, you’ll start to notice some changes – namely, the seasons. Heralded by another cute little creature, once you reach 250, 500 and 1000 points, the season around you will change. But it also gets harder. More barrels, logs and buckets of chum appear, and watch out for those green leaves! They are not as innocent as they initially seem. As the description says, this game is

Easy to learn, hard to master! Anyone can use the simple control system, but you’ll need skill to get high scores!

The controls are simple to use – I chose to go for the tap up to move up and tap down to move down option, as it seemed the easiest, but there are a couple of other options too. The graphics are pretty cool too – it all looks like a cardboard cut-out, as if someone is behind it, controlling Petey, and mocking you when get eaten by a shark.

shark!“Shark!” This is how I feel every time a shark pops out of the water.

So, why do I love this little game? Well, firstly, I’m extremely proud of my boyfriend and his team. Such a fantastic achievement deserves to be congratulated. That aside, Petey is ridiculously adorable. The music is also pretty funky. The whole game gives off a New Orleans feel, which is awesome. And finally, I admit it, I’m obsessed with getting to the next season change. I refuse to be forever stuck in winter! Perhaps the next achievement should be called “A Dream of Spring”, because that’s all it feels like at the moment, a dream.

This game is perfect for when you have a spare few minutes, so why not give it a go? Click the link above, or here if you’re too lazy to scroll up, download it to your Android phone, and lose many an hour to this cute little bastard. And don’t forget to leave a review!

Watch this space for a review from an experienced game reviewer, not some n00b like myself…


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