Ask The Author: J.K. Accinni

Earlier this week, I reached out to J.K. Accinni on Goodreads, and luckily, she was kind enough to respond. Accinni, author of the bestselling Species Intervention #6609 series, was born in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she now lives with her husband, five dogs and eight rabbits.

J.K. Accinni author photo

Set during the years of Prohibition in Sussex County Species Intervention begins with Baby, introducing us to Netty, a young farm girl given in marriage to a brutal man, several years her senior. After years of abuse, Netty flees back to her home, where she rescues an unfamiliar creature she finds in a cave. She names the damaged creature Baby, and vows to take care of him.

Baby is only the beginning of a long, heart-breaking, yet wonderful story, which foretells the selfishly destructive path man has followed since his species evolved. The sequel, Echo, is just as fantastic, introducing us to Scotty and Abby in the year 2033. The most recent novel, The One, is another example of just how talented Accinni is. Beautiful, brutal, and full of surprises, this is a series you don’t want to miss out on.

“Who doesn’t want to see their words and their name in print?” she replied when I asked what inspired her to start writing. “And don’t we all think everyone will rejoice over the chance to hear what we have to say? Well, when I started to write, I never once gave it a thought. I just wanted to do it for ME. To test myself”.

Her inspiration largely comes from her passion for wildlife conservation. “I used to dream about having the power to bring dead animals back to life and heal abused pets. It helped me bury some of the pain I get from knowledge of the horrors inflicted on wildlife around the world.. My first project was a seven book series derived from that very dream”.

I wanted to know if she had any tips for aspiring writers. “I could write a book about the most important issue a writer will be faced with”, she declared, going on to praise indie publishing. As an ‘indie’, not only are you in complete control of your novel, but it’s also a much quicker way of getting your work out there. Although there are positives to going down the traditional publishing route, Accinni has a final word of caution: “If you leave your publisher, your book, and it’s fate, stays with the publisher. An indie owns their children forever”.

For those “with the urge but not the education”, she recommends what she calls her bible – Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon. “And for those lucky dogs that were smart enough to get through college… you have no excuse not to start”.

A big online promoter, Accinni’s advice is that “an author needs to spend her time wisely”, classifying book tours as an expensive waste of time. “I learned quickly that I can do more to promote my books online for free in one day than I could do in a month with book tours, book fairs, etc. I can reach out to Goodreads and find ten people to review my book in fifteen minutes”.

She believes that online promotion is a much more efficient way of getting your work out there. “I can post in my author groups and see my anthology downloaded fifty times in an hour. I can join an author thread that is setting up genre shelves on each other’s Goodreads page so readers can better find us”.

Prior to publishing her novels, Accinni wishes she’d known how “boring, time consuming, daunting and costly promoting is”. The hard work, it would seem, starts once the novel is finally completed. “Promoting is a sun-up to well past sun-down, 24/7 job. Are you prepared? Do you want to be successful or just play at it?”

Accinni will be launching the final book in the Species Intervention series at the end of August, before getting back to a period Southern thriller she’s been working on. The thriller involves:

“A mixed race orphan finds herself living on the dangerous streets of Charleston, South Carolina in the 1930′s. After rescuing two otherworldly pups that witnessed the viscous death of their innocent mother and little mates, they team up to survive and go on to solve the most blood-curdling, sensational crime of their time“.

After thoroughly enjoying the Species Intervention series, I for one will definitely be on the lookout for the final instalment, as well as anything else Accinni releases.

J.K. Accinni - Species Series Anthology

For more info, visit Accinni’s website. The first three novels in the series are available to download for free from Amazon.

As always, if you’re an author, and want to do a similar interview with me, get in touch!


One thought on “Ask The Author: J.K. Accinni

  1. Judith Kelly Dempsey, once known as the “Morristown madam” or the “Morris mansion madam,” co-owns a property on Prince Henry Drive with her husband Edwin Accinni, the newspaper reported. The couple now lives in Florida, but they’re accused of violating a township zoning ordinance that bars the renting of rooms in single-family homes, the newspaper reported.

    NY Daily NEWS:
    She used to be a madam. Now police say she’s just one of the girls. Judith Kelly Dempsey, the so-called Mansion Madam who ran a high-class brothel called Afternoon Delight out of her swanky New Jersey mansion, has been busted for allegedly turning tricks at a Whippany, N.

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