Exams = panic!


This is me right now. I have an exam tomorrow, and the fear has set in. One moment I want to fling my notes aside, the next I’m picking them back up, sighing with resignation. I must accept my fate. I can do this. Right?

I’ve been revising steadily for about two weeks. After handing in the monster that was my dissertation, I think I gave myself enough time to focus on this exam. At least, I hope I did. But what’s the best way to approach exams? Google that question and the same trends will come up. Leave yourself enough time, be organised, look at past papers or practice questions, take regular (ahem, tea and cake) breaks, plan out your day, and stay away from BuzzFeed quizzes. And, last but definitely not least, don’t panic!

I’m trying. Deep breaths. I have to remember that this exam cannot be as difficult as my A Levels were. After all, it’s open book, and we received the questions a month ago. We’re a lot more prepared than we were for our A Levels – and, more importantly, it’s only one exam. I can cope, and so can you. Fingers crossed!


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