One step closer to The Peoples Republic of Cornwall!

Geddon my booty! My hovercraft is full of eels too, Jimbo.

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One step closer to The Peoples Republic of Cornwall!

Good news! Cornwall has been granted minority status by the powers at be in Europe, meaning they are now protected as a national minority! The question on everyone’s lips is, will this change anything?

Cornwall has a rich heritage and local people are fiercely proud of, it runs deeper than just a love of the scenery, beaches and villages. It is a deep rooted pride based on the county of Cornwall, it is beyond quantifiable data based analysis, it is a raw emotional passion. Nowhere else in the country will you find a set of peoples who are as proud of where they live as the Cornish, its why they fly the Cornish flag outside their homes, put Cornish stickers on their cars and eat pasties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some might say the Devonshire lot are proud of where…

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